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Step aboard any of our elegant, luxury or sport designed yacht and sail away for a perfect time spent on the water. Opposite to a common belief that yachting is reserved for rich men’s world, we offer you available and rather affordable entrance to the water world and adventures on the waves.
“Expedition 206” is professional and experienced yacht rental service passionately dedicated to providing all sorts of yachts and rental boats, as well as to organizing unforgettable experiences to all out clients. Our company is settled in Miami and covers blue water cruising to pretty much all reachable waters of Miami, Florida, and the Bahamas, even the roads less traveled and provides all the equipment you might need for this venturing.

Where our professionalism meets your imagination

Years of our experience have taught us to combine two approaches in our work with clients. When it comes to all technical aspects, our company is pretty rigid and strictly formal. We fully focus on high standards of our service and high quality of yachting models we offer. You can rest assured that the whole mechanism will function smoothly. We offer the wide range of various models of yachts and boats, fully equipped for different types of cruising, and every journey is guided by the certified captain, expert’s crew, and coast guards. On the other hand, to fulfill all the wishes of our clients and to provide them with memorable experiences, we are quite flexible when it comes to making plans and routes of cruising. Creativity is our general motive when coming up with ideas for your travels and explorations.
Within our rich assortment of the yacht models, you will find perfect boats for adventurous sailing through wild tropical waters; Models to spend an enjoyable afternoon with your family, to celebrate a wedding or set a birthday party with friends. All luxury models are great for various special events, and we can also put you on elegant and solid yachts perfect for the romantic journey or an overnight trip.
Every yacht includes bathroom, kitchen, various numbers of rooms, bar and other inclusive services, depending on the model you choose.

Also, depending on the type of tour you choose, our company provides you with plenty additional adventurous activities.

We organize swimming and stopping for a launch at quite exotic places down the beach. You can go diving, explore local cultures, observe water animals or simply anchor anywhere down the coast and wander around.

Get to know us via our blog

The following pages of this blog will offer you all the information you might need or find useful if considering yachting or boat is renting. You can wander around and go through detailed descriptions of all the models of boats we offer, all the services our company provides and finally, we allow you to book the specific yacht you choose via our website. After you specify the type of tour, the model of the yacht and the desired date of travel, make a deposit using your credit card and get ready for an unforgettable time at the blue water.

Author: Donna Frei

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